Cancellation / Refund Policy

Cancellation of policy depends on the insurance company you have chosen. Original premium refund may vary according to the insurance provider. If you have registered your car using the new policy, refund of the policy will be calculated for the unused part of your policy. Some companies will not refund cancellation if you have a claim on the same policy. If your vehicle is not registered using the new policy, we can cancel to policy with a small cancellation fee or rather free. If the cancellation request is before the issuance of the policy, we will immediately initiate the refund of your payment. The complete refund procedure may take up to 15 working days. If a refund is taking longer than expected, we will gladly assist you to follow up on the status of your refund with your bank. You may contact us on 04 416 8 444 or Email our Motor Customer Service Team at

At the time of cancellation kindly submit the below documents

  • New registration Card
  • New Insurance Policy
  • Possession Certificate from RTA